Brinkley Hill

The area outlined is the future home of Brinkley Hill Townhomes, a 64 unit, mixed income apartment community for working families located in Temple Hills, Maryland in southern Prince Georges County. Construction began in earnest in January of 2016 and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Project Description

Brinkley Hill, LLC, a partnership between Episcopal Housing Corporation and Conifer Realty, LLC will be a new, family rental community, offering 64 two and three bedroom townhome units. Designed as a mixed-income community for working families, Brinkley Hill will serve residents of all income levels. The community will primarily serve residents at or below 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI) with rents that are affordable to families as low as 30% AMI. Approximately ten percent of units will be available to families with no upper limit on household income. Additionally, at least four of the units will be reserved for persons with disabilities and at least one additional unit will be equipped with hearing/vision features to provide options for disabled households in the area. A preference will also be given to households with disabilities for fifteen percent of the units. Conifer Realty, LLC and Episcopal Housing Corporation (EHC) recognize that providing targeted and tailored supportive services has proven to be the most effective in assisting residents to stabilize their lives, achieve self-sufficiency, and meet their personal goals. To that end, Conifer Realty, LLC and EHC have entered in to a contract in which EHC will provide and coordinate both on and off-site resident services for Brinkley Hill while Conifer Realty will provide day to day property management services.

As the majority of residents at Brinkley Hill will be families, EHC will target resident services to the needs of parents and children. EHC will recruit, hire and train a Resident Services Coordinator (RSC), who will work on site. The RSC will work closely with Conifer property management to ensure a smooth transition for new residents. As new residents move in, the RSC will establish relationships with the residents and begin assessing their needs and interests, which will allow the her to provide appropriate and applicable services. The RSC will also work to ensure that a mechanism for resident feedback regarding resident services is in place through resident surveys and the establishment of a resident’s council.

EHC will provide direct, on-site services through our Resident Services Coordinator. Based on the tenant’s needs and interests, the RSC will arrange for on-site services that will include programming such as financial literacy, job training, computer training, and specific programming designed for children. The RSC will also organize social activities and gatherings at the on-site community center. Through the facilitation of the resident’s council, the coordinator will encourage residents to plan social activities that will bring residents together and foster a sense of community. Activities may include holiday parties, movie and game nights, parent’s night out, community yard sales and off site trips to shopping destinations and sports and cultural activities.

Owner | Episcopal Housing Corporation
Conifer Realty, LLC

Architect | Marks Thomas Architects

Contractor | Conifer-LeChase

Resident Services | Episcopal Housing Corporation

Property Management | Conifer Realty,LLC