Behavioral Health System Baltimore - Stabilization Center

The building to the right is future home of The Stabilization Center. It's purpose will be to provide an alternative to hospitalization for severely intoxicated individuals that are not in immediate danger of suffering alcohol poisoning or other life threatening ailments as a result of their current condition.

Project Description

In the fall of 2015 EHC partnered with Behavioral Health System Baltimore to begin work on the BHSB Stabilization Center at 3540 South Hanover Street in the Brooklyn Neighborhood of South Baltimore. The 5500 sq. ft. facility will be located in the lower level of the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Building Family Health Center. The Stabilization Center will provide voluntary care to severely intoxicated individuals as an alternative to hospitalization. The ultimate goal is to offer a monitored location for individuals to become sober while avoiding the often unnecessary expense of an emergency room visit.

The Center will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Individual stays are expected to last between six and ten hours. Those using facility will be offered a bed, rehydration and electrolyte replacement, medical screening and evaluation, and basic first aid if needed. Additionally, food, clothing and showers will be provided as needed. Intervention services will be minimal. Screening and referral for substance abuse, mental health and physical health disorders will be provided before release.

The project will be funded primarily though a $3.6MM grant from the State of Maryland Board of Public Works with a matching funds requirement for Behavioral Health System Baltimore. The design phase is in progress as of February 2016 with construction slated to begin later this year.

Owner | Behavioral Health System Baltimore

Architect | Ammon Heisler Sachs Architects

Contractor | TBA