St. Stephen's Court Apartments

Preservation of 72 units of affordable rental housing in west Baltimore and the construction of a new community center for the residents.

Project Description

For over thirty-five years, the St. Stephen’s Court Apartments has provided safe, decent, and affordable housing for the west Baltimore community of Coppin Heights. The 72-unit apartment complex was constructed in 1970 and has been well-maintained. All of the building’s major systems were in need of updating including the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC to ensure the development’s long term viability.

EHC partnered with the St. Stephen’s Court Apartments to undertake the renovation of the apartments to ensure the preservation of this important source of affordable housing in west Baltimore. The renovation included replacing all the major systems and minor alterations to the nterior of the units, including re-designing the kitchen, bathrooms and storage space. Additionally, 12 of the units were made accessible for persons in wheelchairs. As part of the renovations, a 2,500 square foot building was constructed, and provides management space and community meeting space.

Owner | St. Stephen’s Court Apartments, LLC

Architect | Marks Thomas Architects

Contractor | The Michael Group

Funding Sources | PNC Bank, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, and Baltimore Department of Housing and Community Development and St. Stephen’s Court Apartments