Family Stability. Reunification. Renewal. – 401 N. Gay Street


Owner |  Family Recovery Program

Architect | RM Sovich Architecture Inc.

Contractor | Whiting-Turner

Family Recovery Program


For nearly 20 years, the Family Recovery Program (FRP) has worked to reunite families separated in the court system due to substance use disorders. And now, after providing the services and advocacy resulting in bringing thousands of parents and children “home,” FRP is taking steps to create a home of its own by converting the vacant 401 N. Gay Street property into the organization’s permanent headquarters.

Long-term partner Episcopal Housing Corporation is providing administrative and support services to FRP to assist in raising funds and renovating the property. The building is ideally situated at Orleans and Gay Street, across from the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center where the Department of Juvenile Services, FRP’s primary partner, is housed. Not only will this renovation provide stability for FRP, which has been renting office space for years, it will complement the ongoing revitalization of the area, which includes the Old Town Mall and Perkins-Somerset Homes projects. 

Once completed, 401 N. Gay Street will provide all the offices needed for Family Recovery Program’s administrative team, as well as space for the support services the agency offers. It promises to be a befitting permanent home for those individuals who work so hard to reunify parents and children, provide stability, and bring positive change to the community…one family at a time.