Martha's Place


Owner | Intersection of Change

Architect | Mary Weiss

Contractor | TBG Home Improvement

Martha's Place


Martha’s Place is a recovery program in West Baltimore operated by Intersection of Change (formerly Newborn Holistic Ministries) for women overcoming substance abuse addiction. The program offers a certified 6-month residential facility which combines a communal living environment with a highly structured recovery program to actively guide 24 women each year in their complete recovery from drug addiction. One of the biggest challenges facing the graduates of Martha’s Place is finding safe, affordable, drug-free permanent housing in the community.

In partnership with Martha’s Place, EHC developed two vacant row houses as permanent single room occupancy (SRO)housing for women in recovery. The houses have a total of eight SRO units and provide graduates of Martha’s Place with safe, affordable, drug-free housing. The completion of these eight units doubles the number of permanent housing units provided by Martha’s Place to their graduates. Furthermore, the houses are also stabilizing the immediate area by bringing two abandoned vacant properties into active community use.