Parktown Apartments


Owner | Parktown Associates, LLC

Architect | Marks Thomas Architects

Contractor | Linden Contracting

Roberta's House


EHC joined with I Can’t We Can to develop the Parktown Apartments in the Park Heights neighborhood of northwest Baltimore. The Parktown Apartments project was the acquisition and substantial rehabilitation of a three-story garden apartment building containing a total of 48 apartments. The project entailed the total renovation of the interior and exterior of the building and the construction of a new management office and community meeting space.

The Parktown Apartments provides decent, affordable, and drug free housing to those who have graduated from I Can’t We Can’s substance abuse recovery program and others in the community seeking safe housing. In addition to meeting resident’s housing needs, Parktown Apartments enhances the lives of its residents by providing a variety of on-site social and support programs in the newly constructed community building.