The Light of Truth Center and LTC Expansion



Owner | Light of Truth Center, Inc.

Architect | RM Sovich Architecture

Contractor | OSA General Contractors

The Light of Truth Center

1933 W. Lafayette

902 Wheeler


Episcopal Housing partnered with The Light of Truth Center, Inc. (LTC), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe and supportive housing in an environment conducive to recovery, transition, and restoration for women recovering from addictions in 2009. EHC provided development services for the renovation of a 4,178 square foot building which opened its doors as the Jefferson-Jones Center in 2011. This first project in partnership with LTC allowed the non-profit to more than double its residential capacity to support women in recovery. 

The subsequent success of the Jefferson-Jones Center revealed the need for additional capacity particularly among women who are newly sober, such as women who have recently completed detox programs, or who are rejoining society after serving time in prison. In 2018, Episcopal Housing began work on two new facilities at 1933 Lafayette Avenue and 902 Wheeler Avenue. These former rowhouses were modified to each provide housing for four women and an on-site resident manager, for a total of ten additional units. Support services are offered on-site and through sister facilities nearby. Both facilities were completed in early 2019.