Our Mission

Our Mission

The Episcopal Housing Corporation mission is to respond to God’s call to establish justice for those most in need by building affordable housing and creating the foundations for healthy and sustainable communities.

– Adopted May 2005

Since our founding in 1995 Episcopal Housing Corporation (EHC) has helped to provide housing and services for some of the most vulnerable and underserved citizens of central Maryland. The core of our mission is to provide good quality, modern, affordable housing for families and individuals and thereby create the foundations for healthy and sustainable communities. To date we have helped to create more than 530 units of housing in our geographic region. Projects have included affordable rental apartments, affordable homes for sale, community centers, and transitional and special needs housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or recovering from substance abuse addiction. 

EHC accomplishes its mission by partnering with like-minded organizations, agencies and nonprofits that need comprehensive real estate and project management services in the very specialized markets described above. These organizations seek us out for our experience in navigating government regulations, securing funding, enlisting neighboring community support, and selecting and managing the development team.

Going forward, Episcopal Housing Corporation will pursue ever more ambitious projects. Our intention is to have the most social impact possible for an organization of our size. We will be on the front lines of increasing the supply and availability of housing resources for those with very low incomes and those recovering from addiction or experiencing homelessness.