Our Projects


Under Development

Episcopal Housing Corporation is constantly working on a variety of projects that encompass not only housing but often include community development and healthcare. Come in and see what we are currently working on.

Affordable Rental and Home Ownership

Episcopal Housing’s mission is “To provide safe, decent, affordable housing” for underserved populations in Baltimore City and Central Maryland. To date, we have created or restored nearly 1000 units for Maryland families.


Transitional, Permanent Supportive, and Special Needs Housing

Individuals and families experiencing homelessness or suffering from substance abuse addiction constitute the most challenging populations we serve. Episcopal Housing is always working to help provide the services and facilities needed to help our neighbors rise above these challenges.



Community Centers

Episcopal Housing is almost always working on a community center or civic hub of one stripe or another. These projects are both challenging and rewarding. Challenging because the funding is often difficult and time-consuming to source but rewarding because of the broad impact these facilities have on their neighborhoods and the residents within.



Special Projects

Every so often a project comes along that does not fit well into the categories of projects we normally pursue. These are the ones we do for fun and out of love for our city and our state.