The Wisdom Wall


Concept Iandry Randriamandroso

Funding | Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts (BOPA)

Artists | Iandry and Friends

Inspiration | Adeline Hutchinson

The Wisdom Wall


Representatives of the Robert W. Coleman Community Organization (RWCCO) approached Episcopal Housing with the idea of creating a mural on the retaining wall facing W. North Avenue near one of EHC’s properties, St. Stephens Court Apartments, in May of 2016. The wall’s size and location near Coppin State University offered a unique opportunity for an impactful piece of public art. 

RWCCO chose Iandry Randriamandroso, a well-known local artist and MICA graduate, to create the mural. In consultation with the local community, they created a final design featuring portraits of six historic individuals of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities whose contributions to the area deserve celebration. These individuals include Fannie Jackson Coppin, Robert W. Coleman, William S. Baer, Matthew A. Henson, Elizabeth Ann Seton, and Frederick Douglass. The mural was completed in October of 2017.